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Best Unconventional Cities to Live in Canada

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Written by Nadia Hopkins
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Canada is located in North America, with a population of 38000000. It has ten provinces and three territories. Canada is actually a monarchy and the world’s second-largest country. There are two official languages spoken here, English and French. Also, Canada has the longest international border and the longest coastline in the world.
Canada is among the most desirable countries to move to due to its high standard, friendly, welcoming attitude to immigrants, and exceptional scenery. Canada is considered one of the best, if not the best, countries for immigration since it offers a vast number of opportunities for personal growth and employment. Moving to Canada has various benefits like unemployment insurance, pension plans, a good childcare system, and a great educational and health system.
So, if you are thinking about moving to Canada and want to learn about the best unconventional cities to live in Canada, check out our list below.

Best Unconventional Cities to Live in Canada

  • Port Moody
  • Toronto
  • Vancouver
  • Kingston
  • Hamilton
  • Burnaby
  • Thunder Bay

1. Port Moody

building with trees and flowers in front
Port Moody City Hall

Port Moody has a population of more than 35000 residents and is located in British Columbia, on the waters known as Burrard Inlet. Port Moody is also known as the City of Arts due to its high employment in culture and arts. It also has numerous natural sights for you to enjoy, including Buntzen Lake, Rocky Point Park, White Pain Beach, Shoreline Park, Old Orchard Park, etc. Port Moody is a great choice since it has a lot of amenities and offers a very welcoming community. Another benefit of moving here is that Port Moody is very close to Vancouver, making it a great choice for commuters working there.

2. Toronto

cn very long tower in a blue sky
CN Tower

Toronto is the most populous city in Canada, with a population of more than 2700000 residents. This beautiful city is known for sports, multiculturalism, and truly unique landmarks. It also features various cuisines with a long history and interesting architectural mixtures. Also, Toronto is the home to one of the world’s largest film festivals, called the Toronto International Film Festival. Toronto is a great relocation option if you want to live in a vibrant city with a healthy lifestyle and access to nearly everything you need. Although our list is based on unconventional cities to live in Canada, Toronto is truly unique. It’s often called New York North.

3. Vancouver

vancouver sunset view

Vancouver has a population of more than 675000 residents and was ranked as the third most livable place in the world for its quality of life and high standard of living. Besides the city’s vast amenities, Vancouver’s magnificent natural scenery will surely take your breath away. You can explore the city all year round.

4. Kingston

greek-styled courthouse
Frontenac County Courthouse

Kingston is located on the Eastern end of Lake Ontario and has a population of more than 136000 residents. It is often called the “Limestone City” because of numerous heritage buildings constructed using local limestone. Kingstone is a mid-sized city, meaning it’s not too big or too small but just the ideal size if you value eclectic restaurants, beautiful nature, a thriving art scene, and a vibrant atmosphere. Also, Kingston is clean, safe, and easy to get around, making it an ideal spot to retire or raise a family.

5. Hamilton

yellow one floor castle
Dundurn Castle

Hamilton has a population of around 580000 residents and is a port city located in the Canadian province of Ontario. It’s known for being one of Canada’s leading industrial centers, especially when it comes to iron and steel. Living in Hamilton allows you to commute to other cities easily. The city has a growing food scene, a very diverse population, and access to more than affordable housing. Also, Hamilton has a bunch of local restaurants, shops, and amenities.

6. Burnaby

cherry blossom trees
Cherry Blossom, Burnaby

With a population of about 250000 residents, Burnaby is the third-largest city in British Columbia. There are numerous great parks and outdoor recreation centers alongside excellent public transit. Burnaby is home to many international and local corporations, such as Ballard, Telus, and Electronic Arts. Furthermore, Burnaby is very close to Vancouver, the mountains, and the ocean making it a very appealing place to live in.

7. Thunder Bay

cbc studio settled in a brick building
CBC Studio

Thunder Bay is a city located in the very seat of Thunder Bay District in Ontario, Canada, and has a population of around 110000 residents. If you choose to move here, you’ll be pleased to know that living in Thunder Bay will grant you life completely free from the everyday stresses of crippling transport and rental costs. There’s a lot of clean air, free open spaces to exercise in, and a wide range of job opportunities.

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