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Best Cities to Live in Massachusetts

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Written by Nadia Hopkins

Massachusetts has a population of 6893000 residents and is the 7th smallest state in the US. It is located in the region called New England in the country’s northeastern part. Massachusetts is one of the original 13 colonies and is widely known for being the landing place of the Pilgrims and the Mayflower. It was named the Massachuset tribe by an English explorer and colonist, John Smith. Did you know that Massachusetts’s state berry is cranberry? This state is sometimes called the Baked Bean State. In general, Massachusetts has very high ratings when it comes to safety, quality of life, education, and health measures. Since the state’s economy is very strong, many people are considering moving here. The economy is thriving is primarily due to the booming high-tech industry, highly educated population, and very stable sectors like agriculture, fishing, and trade. Because of this diversity of industries, Massachusetts is an excellent place for just about anyone.
If you want to learn about the Best Cities to Live in Massachusetts, check out our following list.

Best Cities to Live in Massachusetts

  • Andover
  • New Bedford
  • Fall River
  • Worcester
  • Waltham
  • Lexington

1. Andover

white castle-like church with a gray roof
South Church, Andover

Andover is a city located in Essex County, with a population of about 9000 residents. People are very friendly, meaning that the community is welcoming, which visitors often mention when talking about this small city. There are plenty of resources, and the schools here are highly rated. If you are considering moving here or just visiting, we recommend checking out the downtown area full of parks, pubs, restaurants, shops, and places to work out. Andover is a great relocation option if you prefer living in a small town. Even though small, it has much to offer.

2. New Bedford

a big red brick building complex
Downtown New Bedford

Bedford is a mid-ranged city with a population of more than 95000 residents. It is located in the heart of South Eastern Massachusetts and is a great walking city with a downtown full of cobblestone streets and restored buildings. You can enjoy various museums, parks, galleries, and dozens of other walkable areas. Moving to New Bedford is an excellent choice because of its affordability, location, light traffic, nightlife, and location. The city itself has a very optimistic feel.

3. Fall River

a photo of a pond on a sunny day near fall river
North Shore of South Watuppa Pond

Fall River has a population of around 90000 residents and is located in Bristol County. It is very affordable when compared to other similar-sized cities in the state. Everything is accessible and pretty close, including schools, stores, and hospitals. Also, the city is very family-friendly, meaning that it should be your top pick if you want a good environment for your children.

4. Worcester

castle like red brick building that was once a high
school behind a green traffic light
Former North Highschool

With a population of about 185000 residents, Worcester is the county seat of Worcester County. According to various rankings, including Livability, Worcester is probably the best place to live in Massachusetts because of good education opportunities, affordability, healthcare, and culture. Worcester will be among the most competitive markets when it comes to real estate, so make sure to move here as soon as possible.

5. Waltham

a bridge leading to a huge red brick manufacturing complex
Boston Manufacturing Company Complex

Waltham is located in Middlesex County and has a population of about 65000 residents. It is a fairly big city and one of the safest places to live in the US. Also, you can expect a very friendly community and plenty of things to indulge in.

6. Lexington

lexington historical society settled in a white long house with a gray roof
Lexington Historical Society

Lexington is considered the best place to live in the state and received excellent A+ grades in schooling, crime, safety, diversity, and remarkable grades for nightlife. Lexington is also located in Middlesex County, while having a population of more than 30000 residents. It’s safe to say that this city has it all, meaning it is at the top of our list of best cities in Massachusetts.

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