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Best Cities in Connecticut

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Written by Nadia Hopkins
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Connecticut, with a population of 3565000 residents, is the third smallest state by area and the 29th most populous. It is also known as the “Constitution State,” the “Land of Steady Habits,” “Provisions State,” and “Nutmeg State.” Connecticut is the home to the first Polaroid camera (1934), hamburger (1895), color television (1948), and helicopters (1939).
There are numerous reasons why you should consider moving to Connecticut, including natural beauty, numerous charming small towns, business opportunities, and a very high standard of living. Recently, Connecticut earned the very best ranking in innovation and technology, with an A grade. It also earned high marks for infrastructure, force, and business friendliness. So, if you want to read about the best cities to live in in Connecticut in 2022, check out the following text below.

Best Cities to Live in Connecticut

  • Fairfield
  • Ridgefield
  • West Hartford
  • Norwalk
  • Hartford
  • Danbury
  • New Haven

1. Fairfield

photo of a house with a gray roof in which there is a flower shop and a subway sandwich store

Fairfield is a thriving, charming town with more than five miles of shoreline and more than 60000 residents. It is often considered a suburb of New York and is located in Fairfield County. It is especially a good area if you want to live in a smaller town while having big city amenities nearby. The community is very welcoming; there are a bunch of libraries, pubs, restaurants, and bars while being quite a peaceful area. So, if you want to move to a smaller, fun town in Connecticut, consider Fairfield.

2. Ridgefield

ballard park with trees in different colors
Ballard Park

Ridgefield should be called Richfield because it is among the state’s richest towns. With a population of only 8244, Ridgefield represents a thriving community that, in the future, is expected to have a massive increase in economic development, meaning that you should take your chance now and consider moving here before it gets overcrowded.

3. West Hartford

sculptures and a monument in west hartford
Beth El Temple

According to, West Hartford has been the best place to live in Connecticut for three years. West Hartford is known for having the most beautiful homes in the entire state. The public schools here are highly rated, and there are numerous parks and gardens to enjoy on sunny days.

4. Norwalk

a photo of a river in a harbor in norwalk
Norwalk Harbor

Norwalk has a population of almost 90000 residents and is located in southwestern Connecticut, in Fairfield County. It has a rich history since it was incorporated into a town back in 1913. Today, Norwalk is among the best cities in the entire country. Job opportunities are growing very quickly, meaning that many young professionals are considering moving here.

5. Hartford

a photo of a river and hartford skyline on a sunny day
Hartford Skyline

With a population of about 123000 residents, Hartford is one of the bigger cities on our list while being located in Hartford County. The population in Hartford is very diverse, and the surrounding suburbs are pretty safe and home to many families. So, consider Hartford if you want to move into a bigger city while enjoying a small-town charm.

6. Danbury

Danbury, also known as Beantown, has a population of about 85000 residents. It is also located in Fairfield County and today makes machinery, electronic equipment, and furniture while being home to Western Connecticut State University. Danbury is a great choice to raise kids since it has a peaceful and welcoming environment.

7. New Haven

a view of new haven surrounded by trees and a forest
A View Over New Haven

New Haven has a population of more than 130000 residents and is located on New Haven Harbor. It is one of the most walkable city centers and an ideal place for those that value peace and quiet.

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