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2019 Moving to Los Angeles Relocation Guide

Welcome to 2019 Ultimate Moving to Los Angeles Relocation Guide! Before this big step, find out all important information about Los Angeles.

  • Basic information about Los Angeles zip and area codes, average yearly temperature and spoken languages.
  • Read about Los Angeles neighborhoods and learn some fun facts about the city.
  • Check out the list of Pros and Cons of living in Los Angeles before deciding to actually move.
  • Most importantly, find out all about Los Angeles moving and living costs!

    Take a look at the list of basic daily expenses, transportation costs, basic leisure, and recreation costs and housing and utilities cost in Los Angeles.

  • Read all about moving and shipping costs.
  • Learn about flight costs from Los Angeles.

    Every information regarding costs and pricing is compared with average US pricing.

  • You will also find very detailed information about the average yearly salary in Los Angeles, as well as the information about schools and education.
  • We prepared lists of moving to Los Angeles tips.

For moving tips in general check out our Moving Checklist and Paperwork page.

Los Angeles

Welcome to the “City of Angles”, welcome to Hollywood, the entertainment capital of the world, the most populous city in California surrounded by beautiful beaches, mountains, and forests. Los Angeles is the second-most populous city in the United States and it is home to the people from all around the globe. LA is one of the most diverse cities in the US with people from more than 140 countries speaking more than 200 different languages.

Los Angeles is the most important entertainment center of the world, most famous for Hollywood. LA is a major center for the production of television shows and commercials, but today, entertainment is not the most growing or important industry in the city. The city is a very important center of medicine, tourism, culture, technology, and FASHION.

LA has its unique celebrity-oriented culture, and most of the rising stars come to live in this city to become famous and to work in Hollywood. Entertainment industry created many landmarks all around the city, but these landmarks are not the only thing that will leave you breathless. Los Angeles is home to more than 100 museums, more than 200 theaters, and countless galleries. Overall, LA is the city of idyllic weather, lingering sunsets, endless inspiration and dreams.

Moving to Los Angeles Pros & Cons

Learning about Los Angeles pros and cons will help you get prepared for living in this beautiful city. The first thing that you will need to do is to forget everything you have heard about LA so far. There are too many stereotypes about this city, and the city is too big and too diverse to be stereotypical. There is something for everyone in LA, and you just need to find your style. LA is the city of countless challenges and endless opportunities. Go ahead and read all about the pros and cons of moving to Los Angeles, get prepared for this huge step and embrace all the perks of living in the city of angles:

Moving to Los Angeles Pros

1. Job Opportunities

Los Angeles is known as a land of opportunity. There are always open job positions and you will thrive in this city. There are also many startups and independent entrepreneurs so if you are just starting your career LA is the perfect place for meeting new partners, develop ideas and grow your new business.

2. Public Transportation

Los Angeles public transportation is developed and it covers the whole area. You will probably hate the crowd in the rush hours, but remember, you could be in a car at that moment, and that means that you are stuck in the traffic forever. Public transportation is affordable, clean, and well organized, you can get updated on various apps and you can purchase your tickets on every stop.

3. Beautiful Nature

Los Angeles is surrounded by the ocean with breathtaking beaches, mountains, hills, forests and a nearby desert. You can enjoy almost any kind of landscape in this city. You don't have to travel far to get away from the city crowd, just take a tour through the LA landscapes.

4. The Idyllic Weather

Weather in LA is beautiful almost throughout the whole year. It is always sunny, and you are always by the ocean so you don't feel the heat. There are some cloudy days but it almost never rains and it does not get cold very often. You will feel the urge to be outside all the time, even though the weather will not change.

5. Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities in Los Angeles are countless. If you are a fan of the ocean, you can enjoy swimming, surfing or early runs on the beach. Hiking, bike rides, and outdoor sports are also always a good idea. If you don't feel like spending your day under the sun, you can always visit some of the 100 museums or attend some free local event.

6. Relaxed and Causal Lifestyle

At first, LA can seem really crowded, busy and competitive. But you need to embrace the other side, the side of beaches, the sunshine, and nature. Put on your flip-flops and take a walk on the beach. You don't have to worry about your styling because no one cares.

7. Flexible Working Hours

LA has the café atmosphere, meaning that you always feel chill vibes and you don't have to follow any work-related special rules if you work in certain industries. Luckily, those industries are the leading industries in Los Angeles, so if you plan to work in fashion or entertainment industry, you can plan your own business hours, work from a café or even from your home.

8. LA Nightlife

Los Angeles offers one of the best nightlife scenes in the United States. You can find any kind of nightclubs in here. There are also a lot of festivals, live music shows, open concerts that you can visit, and if you just want to chill out over a drink there are countless bars and restaurants where you can go. Explore the nightlife scene, which will keep expanding, and you will never get bored in this city. Just remember, nightlife in LA can be extremely expensive.

9. Huge Sports Market

Los Angeles is the second biggest sports market in the U.S., behind New York. Sports in LA come with a rich history, numerous teams and fans. Enjoying sports is a big part of this city wheater you decide on catching a live game or engaging yourself in sports activities.

10. Food

The diverse population almost always means great food. There are countless fantastic restaurants in LA, and you never have to eat in the same one twice, but you will probably want to. There are some LA specials that you will want to try, and you don't have to pay to much to enjoy the food outside. Fast-food restaurants are great and cheap, but if you are up for an elegant dinner, prepare yourself to pay a lot more than in other major cities.

Moving to Los Angeles Cons

1. Earthquakes

The San Andreas fault line goes through some of the most densely populated areas of Los Angeles. Risk of the large earthquake is always there and this is one of the biggest cons of living in LA. There is almost 50% chance that large earthquake will hit California in the next 30 years. Small earthquakes are frequent, so you will need to get used to this natural event.

2. Crime Rates

Choose your neighborhood wisely! Take a look at the crime statistics before you make your move, there are numerous safe neighborhoods in LA but crime is still a big problem in this city.

3. High Living Costs

In some LA neighborhoods, living costs are almost 50% higher than the national average. Housing costs are the most significant ones, so you will not meet many homeowners in Los Angeles. Renting is more often in LA, but renting costs are probably much higher then you expect too. You will be able to afford the mortgage if you are paid over $100,000 per year.

4. Parking and Bad Traffic

If you end up in a car in a rush hour, you will be trapped in traffic for a long time. Traffic and parking problems in LA are legendary, and as you start meeting new people here you will notice that they are always starting conversations with the question “How did you get here?”. People living in LA spend over 100 hours per year stuck in traffic. Apart from bad traffic parking is also a big problem, so your best option is to use public transportation.

5. Competition

Los Angeles is the second-most populous city in the United States, and the population is growing. There are countless job opportunities but you will have to prepare yourself for the competition. You will have to do your best in this city in order to get the job you want.

Los Angeles Pros and Cons
Los Angeles Fun Facts

Moving to Los Angeles Tips

Moving to Los Angeles is a big, challenging step and the city itself offers so many different opportunities. Whether you are moving for work or for pleasure you will find our tips useful. Here are 10 TIPS about moving to Los Angeles, 10 facts that will help you prepare for this step.

  • Save Your Money – Los Angeles is not as expensive as New York City, but it is one of the top 10 most expensive cities to live in the United States, so you will need to save your money. Explore the city, and you will find some really affordable places to live in, great flea markets and a lot of free events to attend.
  • Learn About the Roads Before the Move – Explore maps before your move and learn about the highways and major roads. You will need the car to go around LA and the traffic is really bad so you will at least want to know the directions before going on the road. Ask locals for the shortcut tips!
  • You Will Need a Car – Los Angeles is big, public transport is great, but you will still need to own a car to get around the city at any time you need. You will also have to deal with really bad traffic. Avoid driving in the rush hour, learn about the roads and possible shortcuts, and try to find a home close to your work.
  • Choose Your Neighborhood Wisely – There are a lot of factors to consider when you start looking for a place to live in. Crime is a big problem in some parts of the city, so you don't want to live there, living costs also vary. You want to live close to your work, and you want to find the neighborhood that fits your style.
  • Use the Citizen App – This app will give you real-time safety alerts and live video of incidents happening near you. Citizen App will notify you of a crime in progress, so it can potentially save you from a lot of trouble.
  • Be Persistent and Don't Give Up – You are moving to one of the largest cities in the world, so you will encounter great competition. don't get stressed out or give up every time you end denied. The job market is big and there is always something to do in this city. Same goes for the apartments. You will find another one, you have to be persistent in LA!
  • Make Connections – Go out and get to know as many different people as you can. LA is all about the networking, with competition this big more doors will be opened for you because of the people you know than because of your resume. Same goes for the parties and events, the more people you know the easier your life will be.
  • Become a Morning Person – Los Angeles is a city that sleeps. Most of the clubs will close at 2 am. People in La love the mornings. Beaches are perfect at sunrise, and mornings are great for exercising, getting together with friends for breakfast and much more. Get up early and see for your self, the city is crowded in the early hours.
  • Embrace the Causal Style – There is no need for suits. You can get a job wearing your jeans. Jeans are a thing in LA. Everybody is wearing them. Don't get confused if you go to the grocery store and see people in their pajamas.
  • Go to the Flea Markets – The flea markets in LA are awesome. Not only that you will be saving money, but you will also get a unique and chick thing that can not be seen anywhere else. You will also have the opportunity to meet people here.

Check out our printable Stage-by-Stage MOVING CHECKLIST.

This ultimate moving checklist will help you complete your moving without stress.

Moving Checklist

Los Angeles Moving Costs

There are certain costs associated with moving that most people tend to neglect. Even if you have opted for a self-moving job that does not involve hiring a professional moving company, you will have to pay extra for certain things. Here is a list of moving and packing costs you may have forgotten.

  • Packing Supplies

    If you plan to move on a budget and want to fo the packing yourself, you must know that you will need to invest in packing supplies like boxes, tape or bubble wrap.

  • Moving Insurance

    During the move something almost always brake. Getting moving insurance is always recommended. Most of the moving companies offer insurance and you can decide how much to get, considering how valuable your things are.

  • Moving Start-up Costs

    For renting new space start-up costs include things like your first and last month’s rent, a security deposit, a pet deposit or an application fee.

    If you are buying start-up costs are much bigger. They include closing costs for your new mortgage which is often measured in thousands of dollars. Average closing costs typically range from 2% to 5% of the cost of your home. These costs include things like a fee for running your credit report, a loan origination fee, attorney’s fees, the cost of a home inspection, a title search, an appraisal fee, and a survey fee, etc.

  • Boarding Your Pets

    You can expect extra costs for boarding your pets. Often enough, people tend to move their pets overnight, that way pets are not exposed to the stress.

  • Stair Fees

    Some of the moving companies will ask you to pay a stair fee.

  • Moving Large Items Fees

    It is always best to check with moving companies about extra fees and inform them about your large items, like piano or pool table, in advance. That way you will avoid surprises on a moving day.

  • Valuable Artworks or Decorative Pieces Are Often Handled by Specialised Movers

    There are professionals who are trained to handle valuable items. Packing and moving valuable items is more complex than regular moving. So you can expect to pay extra on moving those kinds of pieces.

  • Storage Space Renting

    Sometimes, you don't want to bring all of your things to your new home, but you don't want to throw them either. If you find yourself in this situation you will have to find storage space for those things. Having to store items could mean an additional monthly expense.

  • Re-buying Items Once You've Moved In

    While you shouldn't get rid of everything before a move, there are going to be some items that you're not going to want to bring to your new space.

  • Tips For Your Movers

    Your movers are doing a lot of hard work and heavy lifting, and they deserve to be compensated. Just note, that tips are always expected by your movers.

Los Angeles Shipping Costs

Here you can find a list of shipping costs. Please note that the cost of international shipping (calculated with reallymoving) is solely the cost of shipping itself, while the cost of shipping within the United States (calculated with also includes other additional expenses. Costs are calculated for moving entire two bedroom home, in the next three monts.

International Cost
Vancouver (Canada) $3,200 - $4,300
Sydney (Australia) $4,200 - $5,700
Auckland (New Zealand) $4,100 - $5,700
Beijing (China) $4,100 - $5,500
Tokyo (Japan) $3,800 - $5,300
Dubai (United Arab Emirates) $3,800 - $6,400
Mexico City (Mexico) $3,500 - $5,800
London (United Kingdom) $4,300 - $5,900
Dublin (Ireland) $4,300 - $5,800
Singapore $4,200 - $5,800
United States Cost
San Francisco, California $1,200 - $1,495
New York, New York $5,086 - $6,494
Washington D.C. $4,754 - $6,059
Chicago, Illinois $4,196 - $5,331
Austin, Texas $3,600 - $4,554
Boston, Massachusetts $5,100 - $6,510
Miami, Florida $4,850 - $6,183
Seattle, Washington $3,305 - $4,171
San Diego, California $960 - $1,183
Denver, Colorado $3,088 - $3,887

Los Angeles Living Costs

Los Angeles is definitely more affordable than New York, but it is one of the top 10 most expensive cities to live in the USA. Housing is the most challenging but even the everyday expenses are much higher than in other major cities. If moving to Los Angeles is the next step you will probably need to get informed about the cost of basic and personal necessities in this city. For more information about living costs visit numbeo or expatistan.

How much are utilities in Los Angeles

  • 85m2 Apartment Monthly Utilities, Basic (Electricity, Water, Cooling, Heating, Garbage):


  • 1 Min. Of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local (No Discounts or Plans):


  • Internet (60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/adsl):


  • Mortgage Interest Rate in Percentages (%), for 20 Years Fixed-rate, Yearly:


Los Angeles VS US Average
Food Los Angeles US Average
Meal in Inexpensive Restaurant $15.00  $14.50
Mcmeal at Mcdonalds (or Equivalent) $7.50  $7.00
Water (1.5 Liter Bottle) $1.98  $1.45
Milk (Regular), (1 gallon) $3.70  $3.11
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (1 lb) $3.08  $2.36
Eggs (Regular) (12) $3.19  $2.27
Chicken Breasts (1 lb) $4.66  $3.85
Potato (1 lb) $1.31  $1.1
Apples (1 lb) $1.96  $2.02
Local Cheese (1 lb) $4.50  $4.74
Child Care Los Angeles US Average
Preschool (or Kindergarten), Monthly $1,137.59  $886.18
International Primary School, Yearly $22,079.55  $17,116.12
Self Care Los Angeles US Average
Private Doctor Short Visit $129 $112
Box of Antibiotics $23 $17
Tube of Toothpaste $1.86 $1.78
Hair Shampoo 2-in-1 $7 $4.77
Deodorant, Roll-on $3.37 $3.39
Toilet Paper - 4 Rolls $4.19 $3.41
1 Box of 32 Tampons $7 $7
Transportation Los Angeles US Average
Local Transport - One-way Ticket $1.75  $2.20
Local Transport - Monthly Pass $97 $70.00
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) $3.23  $3.25
Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff) $2.80  $1.71
Gasoline (1 gallon) $3.78  $2.77
Housing Los Angeles US Average
Apartment (1 Bedroom) - City Centre $2,243.76  $1,291.27
Apartment (1 Bedroom) $1,721.14  $1,015.10
Buy Apartment in City Centre - Per Sq Ft $721.73  $239.62
Buy Apartment - Per Sq Ft $447.87  $173.92
Hourly Rate for Cleaning Help $25 $21
Leisure and Recreation Los Angeles US Average
Fitness Club Monthly Fee, 1 Adult $40.74  $36.17
Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour) $14.00  $15.14
2 Movie Tickets $30 $25
2 Theater Tickets (Best Available Seats) $217 $171
Coke/pepsi (Small Bottle) $2.35  $1.80
Cappuccino (Regular) $4.53  $4.07
Domestic Beer (500ml) $6.00  $6.00
Bottle of Wine $12.00  $12.00
1 Cocktail Drink $14 $12.00
Marlboro Cigarettes 20 Pack $9.00  $7.25
Clothing Los Angeles US Average
Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 or Similar) $48.03  $43.12
Summer Dress (Zara, H&m or Similar) $33.66  $34.67
Pair of Nike Running Shoes $76.89  $73.84
Pair of Men Leather Shoes $104.35  $94.36
Laundry Detergent (3 L.) $11 $11

Los Angeles Transportation

Los Angeles public transportation network is one of the best in the USA. The network includes buses, rails, and subways. LA Citizens still rely on cars as the main transportation mode, but if you learn how to use public transport you can save money, time and avoid getting stuck in traffic. Los Angeles public transportation is mostly operated by the LA County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA County Metro). You can purchase a reusable TAP card for Metro trains and buses. You can get your card from vending machines at metro stations for $1 and you just need to add a preset cash value of your ride. A single ride costs $1.75 and you can also pay $7 for a daily pass. To get more information about TAP cards go to

There are alternative options for getting around Los Angeles, you can always choose the car-sharing options or simply rent or buy a bicycle, weather in LA will allow you to ride a bike almost every day. Traffic in LA is legendary, so you will want to know all your options before moving to this city.

Public Transportation:

Los Angeles Public Transportation is reliable, affordable and easy to use. It covers most of Los Angeles county and it will get you to al of the most popular attractions. You can use either Metro Buses, Metro Rail Trains or DASH buses.

There are several apps that will help you plan your trip, for example, you can you the Trip Planner tool.

Pricing is the same for almost all of the public transportation options:

  • $1.75 - Single Ride
  • $7.00 - Daily Pass
  • $25 - 7 Days Pass
  • $100 - Monthly Pass

Metro Buses:

There are over 200 lines that cover the entire city, you need to be aware that there are 3 different types of bus services in LA:

  • Local Buses:

    They are usually painted in orange and they serve all the major districts. They make frequent stops and they go by all of the famous tourist attractions.

  • Rapid Buses:

    They are usually painted in red. Rapid buses are faster than local buses, they make less frequent stops in order to get you to the needed location faster. They also have sensors to keep the light green so you will avoid getting stuck in traffic. You will need to check the schedules ahead to see when will they arrive, but using rapid buses can really save your time.

  • Express Buses:

    They are usually painted in blue. Express buses are mostly used by commuters. They are connecting business districts and make only a few stops.

Metro Rail:

Metro Rails includes subway lines, rail lines, and two express bus lines. There are many different rail options, here is the quick guide:

  • Silver Line:

    Express buses connecting the El Monte regional bus station to Harbor Gateway Transit Center in Gardena.

  • Orange Line:

    Express buses connecting the San Fernando Valley to North Hollywood.

  • Green Line:

    Light-rail that services Norwalk and Redondo Beach.

  • Gold Line:

    Light-rail connecting East LA to Little Tokyo, China Town, and Pasadena, where you can hop on the Red Line too.

  • Blue Line:

    Light-rail connecting downtown LA to Long Beach.

  • Expo Line:

    Light-rail connecting the University of Southern California and Exposition Park with Culver City, Santa Monica, and Downtown LA.

  • Red Line:

    Subway line connecting Downtown LA with North Hollywood via Hollywood and Universal City. It is connected with the Blue, Expo and Orange lines.

  • Purple Line:

    Subway line connecting Downtown Los Angeles to Westlake and Koreatown.

DASH Buses:

There are 33 different routes and all of them are connected to either Metro Rail or Metro Bus Line. The fee for shuttle buses is 25-50 cents and the most famous routes are the Hollywood Route, Fairfax Route, Beachwood Canyon Route, and five daily Downtown Routes.

Owning a Car:

  • Gasoline 1 gallon - Average Price:

    $3.78 with a range from $3.45-$4.11

  • Buying a new car (Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline Or Equivalent) - Average Price:

    $21,947.50 with a range from $20,300.00-$26,000.00

Tips for driving in Los Angeles:

  • Learn the road names:

    The roads in LA are often referred to by a name rather than number so you will need to know the road names when asking for directions.

  • Use the GPS:

    GPS can save you a lot of time in Los Angeles.

  • Read the parking signs:

    Some streets in LA become "NO PARKING ZONES" during the rush hours, and the parking tickets are not cheap.

  • Explore parkings ahead:

    There are several apps that will help you find the perfect parking spot, and this will save you a lot of time, for example, you can use Best Parking.

Taxi Fares:

  • Taxi Start - Average Tariff:

    $3.23 with a range from $2.85-$5.00

  • Taxi 1km - Average Tariff:

    $2.80 with range from $2.70-$5.00

  • Taxi 1-hour Waiting - Average Tariff:

    $29.19 with range from $25-$38

Car Rental and Car Sharing:

There are numerous car rental companies in LA, and you can always use some of the popular car-sharing services like Uber or Lyft. Car-sharing companies are easly available and cheaper than taxis.


There is an official website for Bicycle information in Los Angeles. On LADOT you will find bicycle maps, parking tips, and other useful information. There are numerous bike-sharing programs in LA and you sign up online. You must be at least 16 years old to use the bike-sharing programs. Here are the most popular bike-sharing options in Los Angeles:

Los Angeles Metro Map
Los Angeles Roads

Work and Salary

Average Yearly Salary in Los Angeles is $63,377

Currently, most popular and best-paid jobs in Los Angeles are:

  • Software Engineer - $91,352/yr
  • Operations Manager - $66,648/yr
  • Project Manager - $79,100/yr
  • Executive Assistant - $56,253/yr
  • Mechanical Engineer - $76,712/yr
  • Marketing Manager - $67,761/yr
  • Account Manager - $60,525/yr

All the information is provided by Glassdoor and Payscale where you can get more detailed information about the job of interest. If you don't have a specific job in mind, you can also check this list of 10 common jobs and professions in the United States with an average salary for each of them.

Job Los Angeles US Average
Cashier $24,728/yr $22,711/yr
Receptionist $31,638/yr $29,844/yr
Repair Technician $33,225/yr $32,606/yr
Actor $39,216/yr $37,208/yr
Registered Nurse $87,648/yr $69,270/yr
Secretary $36,954/yr $31,279/yr
Preschool Teacher $30,837/yr $28,973/yr
High School Teacher $57,039/yr $51,027/yr
Lawyer $134,697/yr $117,188/yr
Truck Driver $55,447/yr $57,062/yr

Los Angeles Schools, Universities, Colleges

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is the second-largest school district in the USA and it covers the whole city. During the 2016-2017 school year, LAUSD served around 750,000 students. This school district is also the second-largest employer in Los Angeles county. LAUSD schools can be overcrowded and because of that new schools are opening from time to time. Currently, there are 219 year-round schools and 439 schools with the traditional calendar. There are also 191 magnet schools which are designed to be the best in the district so they are as competitive as private schools. Those schools are perfect for children who are gifted in a particular area of the curriculum. In order to find the schools you want, you can use the School Finder of the Los Angeles Unified Schools.

Private schools are more popular than public ones in LA. Private schools have bigger freedom to customize their curriculum and teaching styles and you will find a lot of private schools in LA that are religious. Those ones are often cheaper than private schools without religious affiliations but they usually have restrictions on who can attend them.

There are numerous charter schools in LA. While these schools cover much of the state's curriculum, you will find some with a more specific focus. Charter schools are a popular option and getting in is not easy.

Los Angeles is home to three top-rated public universities: the California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA), California State University, Northridge (CSUN) and University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). There is also great number of private colleges.

UT Seal

Things to do in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is full of creative, unique events and things to do, you will never run out of things to explore, whether you like music, food, sports, nature, animals, art or you love to be a part of fairs and festivals. In addition to social networks, you can follow Los Angeles's events on these three websites:

Moving to Los Angeles? Here is the bucket list of 10 things to do or attractions to explore when you move to Los Angeles, so you can get to know the most important sites and start feeling local.

  • First Things First, Visit Hollywood:

    Hollywood is the top 1 most popular attraction in LA. You cant be local in Los Angeles if you have never been to Hollywood. This suburb is a destination itself, and you will have to come back. There are several attractions within this one that you need to visit, the Walk of Fame, Hollywood Boulevard, and of course, the sign. If you are lucky, you will spot a celebrity too!

  • The Getty Center:

    Designed by Richard Meier, the Getty Center is one of the most popular museums in the world. This unique building is set on a hilltop in the Santa Monica Mountains, and in this impressive museum, you will find amazing collections of all sorts of art, including drawings, paintings, sculpture and much more. You can also go way back in the stone age and visit the Getty Villa, set in a recreated Roman country house.

  • Farmers Market, The Original One:

    The Los Angeles Farmers Market first started in 1934 as an experiment after the great depression. Eighteen farmers started selling products directly to customers in an open field. At that time, it was only fruits and vegetables, but today, you can find almost everything here. The Farmers Market became the place of many activities, and you can enjoy great restaurants, cafes and free concert nights here.

  • Go To the Venice Beach:

    Venice Beach is the hipster's place, with eccentric spirit. It is the bohemian epicenter of California, In recent years it became more mainstream but it is still a unique location to visit. You can still feel the open-minded and welcoming vibe, and you will enjoy great restaurants and coffee shops.

  • Griffith Park and Griffith Observatory:

    Griffith Park is the largest state park in California. You will find numerous attractions within this one too. Visit the Los Angeles Zoo, a riding center created for the 1984 Olympic Games, a planetarium, a Greek theater, and many sports courts. Most importantly, Griffith Park is home to the Griffith Observatory, one of the most interesting experience-based attractions in Los Angeles. You can use the telescopes for free and enjoy great exhibitions on the ground floor.

  • Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House:

    Hollyhock House was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. The house is the representation of the Californian Modernism. The house was finished in 1921 and because of the recent restorations, it still looks pretty much the same. You can get in for $7, and you can stay on a picnic after your tour.

  • Hollywood Forever Cemetery:

    Experience picnicking in one of the oldest graveyards in the city! Watch the most popular movies in a laid-back atmosphere, for $21. You will want to come early enough to find the perfect place on the grass. Bring your own food, snack, and even alcohol is allowed.

  • Disneyland:

    Just one hour drive from Downtown LA, you will find the first of Walt Disney’s chain of theme parks. This is the perfect place for kids, but that does not mean that adults will not enjoy it too. It is called “The Happiest Place On Earth” for a reason.

  • Santa Monica Pier:

    The place where the elevated plaza is connecting the two piers is home to a vintage amusement park. Here you can enjoy old-fashioned rides, like a wooden carousel and an old-time roller coaster with a vintage roller coaster. Most importantly, here you will find one of the LA’s most popular landmarks, a solar-powered Ferris Wheel with an ever-changing LED lights.

  • Walt Disney Concert Hall:

    Frank Gehry’s concert hall at the Los Angeles Music Center has become one of the most importnat attractions in Downtown Los Angeles since it opened in 2003. Mostly funded by the Disney family, the venue is a tribute to Disney’s contribution to LA’s culture and is the base for the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Art & culture

Los Angeles has more museums per capita than any other city in the USA. You will hear people saying that LA is the Creative Capital of The World, one in every six citizen work in the creative industry. There are more artists, moviemakers, actors, writers, dancers, and musicians working in LA than in any other town at any time in history. Rich and ethnically diverse culture has made LA one of the most recognizable cities in the world, today, LA still has it’s own, unique, celebrity-oriented culture. Of course, apart from the endless museums and Hollywood, there are many hidden parts that artist love to visit. Explore street art and public art of LA.

Art Museums and Galleries

  • Los Angeles is home to some of the worlds most respected museums, including the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Hammer Museum, the Broad, the Huntington Library art collection and many more. La is also known for the best collections of contemporary art, and amazing small galleries and art studios. You will never have to visit the same exhibition twice in this city, and you will never run out of the art-related venues to visit.


  • LA is the city of many different architectural styles merged together. Some of the worlds most famous architects left their marks here, such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gehry, Pierre Koenig, John Lautner, and others. There are several architectural tours that you can join and learn all about the most famous building in LA.


  • Hollywood is the most popular entertainment attraction in the whole world, and some of the most popular movies came from here. Hollywood is a big part of LA culture, and it has defined the city image internationally. The movie industry, in general, is a huge part of the city, there are many institutes in LA that study film production and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is probably the most important one. Los Angeles is also home to many world-famous film festivals.


  • Music is a big part of the city too. Los Angeles is one of the most important cities in the world for the recorded music industry. Some of the most important musicians and bands started their careers here, including popular brands like the Doors, Guns N’ Roses, Megadeath, Metalica, Korn, Red Hot Chili Peppers and many more.
  • Music center of Los Angeles County is settled in the Downtown La, and it consists of the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, the Mark Taper Forum, the Ahmanson Theatre, and the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Explore music venues. All of the music genres are still alive in LA and there are always music-related events happening all around the city.

Sport Teams

Los Angeles is major city for sports, having hosted two Olympic Games. LA is becoming the Sports Capital of the world, so if you are a sports fan this is the perfect city for you. You will become a fan of one of numerous professional sports teams, and you will end up having too many sports-related conversations. This quick LA professional sports teams guide is a great first step for learning about LA sports.

  • Baseball MLB:

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Los Angeles Dodgers

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim play at the Angel Stadium of Anaheim while the Los Angeles Dodgers play at the Dodger Stadium. Baseball season starts in early April and runs until early October.

  • Basketball NBA:

Los Angeles Clippers

Los Angeles Lakers

Both Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers play at the Staples Center. Basketball's season begins in October and runs until the middle of April.

  • Football NFL:

Los Angeles Chargers

Los Angeles Rams

Los Angeles Chargers play at the Dignity Health Sports Park while the Los Angeles Rams play at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Football season starts in August and runs until early February.

  • Ice Hockey NHL:

Anaheim Ducks

Los Angeles Kings

Anaheim Ducks play at the Honda Center while the Los Angeles Kings play at the Staples Center. Ice Hockey season is from early October to April.

  • Soccer:

Los Angeles FC

LA Galaxy

Los Angeles FC play at the Banc of California Stadium while the LA Galaxy play at the Dignity Health Sports Park. Soccer season is from early March to late October.

Moving to Los Angeles Alone

Moving to Los Angeles is a great opportunity for meeting awesome people and making important connections. When you find yourself in a situation where you are moving to a new city completely by yourself, meeting people and making friends is one of the biggest challenges. Here are some tips for meeting people in Los Angeles.

Meetup Groups:

Los Angeles has a large number of meetup groups that gather very often, are diverse and you will certainly find your own among them. You can explore opportunities on the meetup website. If you can't decide for yourself these are some of the most popular meetup groups in Los Angeles:

  • I wanted to do that! . . . Just not alone!
  • Los Angeles Hiking Group
  • Explore Los Angeles


This is one of the best ways to connect with people, you are helping others while making connections and finding friends. You can choose among numerous volunteering programs online or you can use VolunteerMatch.


Los Angeles is filled with great hiking places, not only that you will exercise you will also meet new people. LA is a morning city, people here really love to go out, enjoy nature and the views, and hiking is one of the best ways to do that. Runyon Canyon is the most popular hiking spot but there are many more. You can take your dog for a walk with you. Nature has its ways of connecting people, so just go out.

Take a Class:

Joining the class is a great opportunity to meet new people while learning something new. There are public classes for almost anything in Los Angeles. By attending public classes you will meet people that share your interest, your hobbies and are passionate about learning. Make your choice on coursehorse, here you will find listings of all available courses, and by adding filters you can find your best match.


Working out can help you make friends whether you decide for gym workouts or weekly running sessions. The gym is a positive environment, so there are many opportunities to strike up a conversation with the person next to you. Sports are a big part of Los Angeles, so engage yourself in sports activities or catch a live game.

Go on Tours:

Attractions in LA are endless and breathtaking, so don't go alone, there are plenty of organized tours with people eager to get to know the city. Learning new thing about the city you live in will become a great conversation starter and you can make strong connections on these tours. Choose the tour you are interested in and meet the people who share your interests.

Moving to Los Angeles with a Family

Los Angeles will provide your kids with a great childhood! There is a lot more about growing up in Los Angeles than great school district. The rich and diverse city culture will allow your kids to embrace their own. Los Angeles will teach your children to dream big, to work hard to get what they want and to appreciate and explore art. Your kids will love the nature, there are numerous kid-friendly events and attractions. If you and your family are moving to Los Angeles, take a look at our list of 2019 top 5 young family-friendly neighborhoods and start there.

Family-Friendly Neighborhoods:

  • Miracle Mile:

    Miracle Mile is a perfect neighborhood for families. You will save on housing and living costs but you will be close to all of the events. You will find many educational venues in this neighborhood, numerous museums that your kids will enjoy. Miracle Mile is home to some of the best LA public and private schools, this is one of the most family-oriented neighborhoods in LA where you will find numerous beautiful and affordable residential houses, with great backyards. This is a small and quiet neighborhood located west of Downtown LA.

  • Pasadena:

    Pasadena or “The City of Roses” is a safe and clean neighborhood perfect for growing up. Pasadena is a very ethnically diverse neighborhood with some of the best public, parochial and private schools. You will have some trouble deciding which school your kids should attend. Pasadena is also home to many cultural places, scientific institutions, and great parks and open spaces. You will be able to attend numerous family-friendly events in your new neighborhood.

  • Sherman Oaks:

    Sherman Oaks is a neighborhood for young families, with significantly lower rent prices than in other LA neighborhoods. You will find great schools, and one of the biggest perks of living in Sherman Oaks is safety, This is one of the safest LA neighborhoods low property or violent crime rates. Some of the best kid-friendly attractions are located close to Sherman Oaks, so you will never run out of things to do with your children.

  • Culver City:

    Although Culver City is an entertainment and business center, many families are moving to this neighborhood. Culver City has its own school system with some of the best LA schools, it has a direct train connection with Downtown La and it provides the perfect life both for the kids and for the adults. Some of the most famous movies were shot here too.

  • Boyle Heights:

    Because of the endless education opportunities, Boyle Heights is a popular neighborhood for young working-class families. Boyle Heights is home to great public, private, and charter schools. This is one of the most diverse neighborhoods, calm, safe and filled with great parks and open spaces. This is also one of the most affordable neighborhoods for families, so you will be able to save on the living and housing costs.

Things To do With Kids:

Los Angeles offers great entertainment for children. Kids will enjoy the beaches and beautiful nature. You will find numerous child-oriented museums, various family events that are held daily, numerous parks and playgrounds, and there are many attractions to visit with your family. Here are just five of them:

Los Angeles - Important Information

City of Los Angeles

Los Angeles Seal

Los Angeles is the most populous city in California, the second most populous city in the United States, and the third most populous city in North America. With an estimated population of nearly four million, Los Angeles is the cultural, financial, and commercial center of Southern California.

  • Official City Website:

  • Official County Website:

  • Official State Website:

  • Official Language:


  • Spoken Languages:

    English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Hmong, Cantonese, Tagalog, Korean, Armenian, Russian, Farsi, Cambodian, Hebrew

  • Area Codes:

    213 and 323, 310 and 424, 747 and 818

  • Zip Codes:

    90001–90084, 90086–90089, 90091, 90093–90097, 90099, 90101–90103, 90174, 90185, 90189, 90291–90293, 91040–91043, 91303–91308, 91311, 91316, 91324–91328, 91330, 91331, 91335, 91340, 91342–91349, 91352–91353, 91356–91357, 91364–91367, 91401–91499, 91504–91505, 91601–91609

  • 502.7 sq mi (1,302 km2),:

    34.02 sq mi (88.1 km2)

    Land 468.67 sq mi (1,213.8 km2)

Los Angeles Population:

  • According to the last census (2010): 3,792,621
  • According to the latest estimate (2018): 3,990,456
Los Angeles Demographics by Race
White 2,061,262 52.19%
Asian 460,345 11.65%
Other Race 902,699 22.85%
Black or African American 351,971 8.91%
Two or More Races 138,635 3.51%
Native American 27,961 0.71%
Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander 6,903 0.17%

Taxes in Los Angeles

Single Filing Status, Average Los Angeles Salary ($63,377) Taxes:

  • Income Tax: - $14,829
  • Sales Tax: - $1,529
  • Fuel Tax: - $255
  • Property Tax$: - $1,921
  • Total Estimated: - $18,535

Percent of income to taxes = 32%.

For more personal information calculate your taxes with smartasset.

Los Angeles - Average Yearly Temperature

  • Hours of sunshine: 3,254 hours
  • Average Rainfall: 474 mm
  • Annual high temperature: 22.1°C
  • Annual low temperature: 13.2°C
  • Average temperature: 17.65°C

Los Angeles - Crime rate

Los Angeles struggles with crime-related problems in certain areas, in most city parts crime rates are moderate or low. Los Angeles crime index by numbeo is 42.95 (moderate).

  • Level of crime: - 49.26 (moderate)
  • Property crime index: - 49.82 (moderate)
  • Violent crime index: - 44.56 (moderate)
  • Corruption and bribery: - 43.98 (moderate)

Flight Costs from Los Angeles

List of flight costs, from Los Angeles to other major cities. Based on the cheapest flights from skyscanner, booked one month ahead.

  • Vancouver (Canada): $98 (1 stop)
  • Sydney (Australia): $475 (1 stop)
  • Auckland (New Zealand): $582 (1 stop)
  • Beijing (China): $303 (1 stop)
  • Tokyo (Japan): $336 (1 stop)
  • Dubai (United Arab Emirates): $454 (1 stop)
  • Mexico City (Mexico): $89 (1 stop)
  • London (United Kingdom): $192 (direct)
  • Dublin (Ireland): $260 (1 stop)
  • Singapore: $343 (1 stop)

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