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2019 Moving to Denver Relocation Guide

Welcome to 2019 Ultimate Moving to Denver Relocation Guide! Before this big step, find out all important information about Denver.

  • Basic information about Denver zip and area codes, average yearly temperature and spoken languages.
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  • Check out the list of Pros and Cons of living in Denver before deciding to actually move.
  • Most importantly, find out all about Denver moving and living costs!

    Take a look at the list of basic daily expenses, transportation costs, basic leisure, and recreation costs and housing and utilities cost in Denver.

  • Read all about moving and shipping costs.
  • Learn about flight costs from Denver.

    Every information regarding costs and pricing is compared with average US pricing.

  • You will also find very detailed information about the average yearly salary in Denver, as well as the information about schools and education.
  • We prepared lists of moving to Denver tips.

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Welcome to The Mile High City, welcome to the Wall Street of the West, welcome to Denver. Welcome to the city of diverse businesses and neighborhoods, the city of breathtaking views and amazing monuments. Denver is one of the fastest-growing cities in the USA, with numerous job opportunities and career options. Denver will offer you perfect outdoor experiences, countless local breweries, coffee shops, and you will enjoy the food.

Moving to Denver means that you will live under the bluest skies, provided by the combination of high altitude and little water vapor in the air. The city is placed exactly one-mile above the sea level, overlooking the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains. Apart from all of the amazing natural attractions, festivals, modern architecture and hipster vibes, Denver will let you experience the true wild west atmosphere if you know where to look.

Denver is one of the major American cities, but it still feels more like a small town, friendly and calm, surrounded by the perfect nature. It is one of the few cities in the USA where you can have all of the major city perks without living too fast.

Moving to Denver Pros & Cons

Denver is nothing like other cites that you have visited or lived in. People either love it or hate. It is a city of endless opportunities, warm weather, and countless cultures. There are a few things that some may consider being a pro of living in Denver, while others can take it as a con. Never the less, moving to Denver will be a unique and big challenge so you will want to be as prepared as possible. Go ahead and read all about the pros and cons of moving to the City of Denver:

Moving to Denver Pros

1. Booming Economy

Some of the world-famous top companies started placing their headquarters in Denver in the past few years. Average salary is still close to the national average but the economy is growing rapidly. There are new job opportunities and working in industries like aerospace, technology or agriculture will provide you whit much higher salaries.

2. Affordable Living Costs

Housing costs are higher in Denver, but everyday living costs are similar to the national averages and average salary will cover them easily. Denver is currently one of the cheapest major cities in the USA, and you will be able to afford all of the leisure activities. Prices in Denver are almost three times lower than in other major US cities.

3. Denver Is a Young City

Denver is often described as “Haven for Millennials.” Two-thirds of the city residents are under the age of 45, and Denver is the city with the biggest number of “baby-boomers” too. Young people will have a large number of opportunities in this city. Some of the best universities in the USA are located in Denver, and the city is home to a lot of start-up companies. Moving to Denver is great option for young people because of the education and career opportunities and because of the things to do in the city. Numerous festivals and fairs are held here annually, the nightlife scene is great and recreation options are endless.

4. Nature and Outdoor Activities

The activities are endless, and Denver is filled with energetic young people who are ready for adventures. You can enjoy hiking, biking, white water rafting, skiing, snowboarding, fishing, camping, backpacking or any other outdoor activity. Some of the best destinations for these kinds of activities are only 30 minutes drive away. You will easily find friends who will enjoy nature with you.

5. Professional Sports

The sports scene in Denver is one of the best in the USA. You can follow professional baseball, football, hockey and basketball teams here! There are also two professional lacrosse teams in the city and winter sports are also a big deal in Denver. If you are a sports fan, you will definitely enjoy living in Denver.

6. Breathtaking Skies

High altitude and little water vapor in the air will provide you with the bluest skies. During the day the sky is clear and the color is perfect. At night, you will have the chance to enjoy one of the natures best shows, sky is filled with stars almost every night but you will never get used to it. It will be shockingly beautiful every night.

7. Recreational Marijuana Use IS Legal In Denver

Colorado was one of the first states to legalize marijuana use for recreational purposes. Denver offers many dispensaries with knowledgeable Budtenders ready to answer any type of question. This is the pro for all of those who enjoy using the product, but also, this is the new industry which means new job opportunities. Crime rates are lower since the product was legalized too.

8. Travel

Denver is home to the fifth-busiest airport in the world. The central location of the city offers direct flights to almost any part of the world, this is one of the most important pros for people who are traveling a lot for work.

9. Weather

You will have 300 days of sunshine every year. You will also have the opportunity to experience all 4 seasons, and none of them is extreme. Denver gets over 50 inches of snow a year and it rarely sticks around long. Springtime here is beautiful and summers are hot but not humid. Be sure to bring your sunscreen everywhere because you can get sunburns in February.

10. Beer and Coffee

Denver is one of the best cities in the United States for brewing beer. There are numerous breweries and microbreweries within the city limits and some of the top beer brands come from Denver. Apart from the rat beer, you will also enjoy the coffee that is almost as good as in Seattle.

Moving to Denver Cons

1. Rapid Population Growth

Denver has a rapid population growth. Some of the city parts can get really crowded, but there are also quiet ones. This influx of population affects housing costs, living costs and traffic in Denver, so this is the first of the moving to Denver cons.

2. High Housing Costs

Living costs are affordable, but housing costs are really high and they are getting higher. Population growth is causing this problem, and the housing market is not big. You will be able to find affordable housing in some neighborhoods but you will be far from the city center or you will live in the small-sized apartments.

3. Public Transportation Is Not As Developed

There is a public bus system exists, but it will not take you anywhere you need. You will need to own the car if you don't live near the city center. There are only two routes that go to the airport and there are no public transportation options that will get you to the mountains.

4.The Traffic Is Bad

Traffic is Denver is bad, all the time. During the week traffic is bad because of the commuters, during the weekend most of the residents are going on the weekend trips and the traffic is still bad, so you can get away from it. You will need a car. On the bright side, Denver is extremely walkable and if you can afford to live close to your work, you will not have the problem.

5. Altitude and Air

You will have to take some time to acclimate to the thinner air in the mile-high city. I take up to several weeks before your body gets used to this climate. There are several ways that you can help yourself to accept this change easier. You should drink a lot of water, exercise and spend a lot of time outside.

Denver Pros and Cons
Denver Fun Facts

Moving to Denver Tips

Because of the great job market and affordable living costs, Denver is experiencing extremely fast population growth. If you are moving to Denver too, you will need to get prepared. Here are 10 TIPS about moving to Denver, 10 facts that will help you prepare for this step.

  • Explore the neighborhoods, choose wisely, there are a lot of factors to keep in mind while deciding on which part of the city you will live in. All of the neighborhoods have their own unique character and atmosphere, but also, you will want to stay close to your job because of the bad traffic. Don't make this decision lightly.
  • Make sure you have a car. You will need your personal vehicle for commuting around the town but you will also need it for the weekend getaways. Denver is surrounded by breathtaking nature but hiking places are not as close to the city as you may hope, it will take the at least 30-minute ride to get to the mountains.
  • It takes time to adjust to the altitude in the Mile High City. There are a lot of things that this will affect so take your time, drink a lot of water and keep your sunscreen close. You are in fact, closer to the sun in Denver.
  • Spend your weekends in the mountains. There are a lot of fun activities to enjoy on the mountain that you cant in the city. To avoid the crowd, you can use “ski train,” that runs from Union Station to Winter Park on weekends.
  • Denver is one of the top 10 family-friendly cities in the USA. Factors considered for labeling the city as family-friendly are low family home rental rates, low level of crime and great schools. There are a lot of beautiful suburban areas that are filled with young families, so if you are moving to Denver with family you should consider the suburbs.
  • Denver can seem to lack the art and culture venues, but you just need to get informed. There are a few cultural districts with dozens of art galleries, street art, and other artsy attractions. You can start exploring the art in Denver by visiting River North ad Golden Triangle neighborhoods.
  • Embrace the rooting atmosphere. Denver is the city of sports, and you can enjoy professional games throughout the whole year. You will have many sports-related conversations with locals so make sure you learn about the teams ahead.
  • The brewery scene is booming in Denver, and you will want to consume locally crafted beers instead of the regular ones. Same goes for coffee, explore local coffee shops and find your favorite place.
  • If you are new to Denver don't be surprised if you get drunk faster. The higher elevation and thinner air mean that alcohol will affect you differently than it might have in the past. There are a lot of breweries in the city so make sure you drink slowly at first until you get used to the altitude.
  • Marijuana is legalized in Denver, but there are some laws that you need to know. You must be at least 21 years old to buy, possess or use retail marijuana, and it’s illegal to consume marijuana in public. Also, it’s illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana. You can purchase and possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana.

Check out our printable Stage-by-Stage MOVING CHECKLIST.

This ultimate moving checklist will help you complete your moving without stress.

Moving Checklist

Denver Moving Costs

There are certain costs associated with moving that most people tend to neglect. Even if you have opted for a self-moving job that does not involve hiring a professional moving company, you will have to pay extra for certain things. Here is a list of moving and packing costs you may have forgotten.

  • Packing Supplies

    If you plan to move on a budget and want to fo the packing yourself, you must know that you will need to invest in packing supplies like boxes, tape or bubble wrap.

  • Moving Insurance

    During the move something almost always brake. Getting moving insurance is always recommended. Most of the moving companies offer insurance and you can decide how much to get, considering how valuable your things are.

  • Moving Start-up Costs

    For renting new space start-up costs include things like your first and last month’s rent, a security deposit, a pet deposit or an application fee.

    If you are buying start-up costs are much bigger. They include closing costs for your new mortgage which is often measured in thousands of dollars. Average closing costs typically range from 2% to 5% of the cost of your home. These costs include things like a fee for running your credit report, a loan origination fee, attorney’s fees, the cost of a home inspection, a title search, an appraisal fee, and a survey fee, etc.

  • Boarding Your Pets

    You can expect extra costs for boarding your pets. Often enough, people tend to move their pets overnight, that way pets are not exposed to the stress.

  • Stair Fees

    Some of the moving companies will ask you to pay a stair fee.

  • Moving Large Items Fees

    It is always best to check with moving companies about extra fees and inform them about your large items, like piano or pool table, in advance. That way you will avoid surprises on a moving day.

  • Valuable Artworks or Decorative Pieces Are Often Handled by Specialised Movers

    There are professionals who are trained to handle valuable items. Packing and moving valuable items is more complex than regular moving. So you can expect to pay extra on moving those kinds of pieces.

  • Storage Space Renting

    Sometimes, you don't want to bring all of your things to your new home, but you don't want to throw them either. If you find yourself in this situation you will have to find storage space for those things. Having to store items could mean an additional monthly expense.

  • Re-buying Items Once You've Moved In

    While you shouldn't get rid of everything before a move, there are going to be some items that you're not going to want to bring to your new space.

  • Tips For Your Movers

    Your movers are doing a lot of hard work and heavy lifting, and they deserve to be compensated. Just note, that tips are always expected by your movers.

Denver Shipping Costs

Here you can find a list of shipping costs. Please note that the cost of international shipping (calculated with reallymoving) is solely the cost of shipping itself, while the cost of shipping within the United States (calculated with also includes other additional expenses. Costs are calculated for moving entire two bedroom home, in the next three monts.

International Cost
Vancouver (Canada) $5,500 - $7,400
Sydney (Australia) $6,500 - $8,700
Auckland (New Zealand) $6,400 - $8,700
Beijing (China) $6,400 - $8,600
Tokyo (Japan) $6,100 - $8,400
Dubai (United Arab Emirates) $5,900 - $9,700
Mexico City (Mexico) $5,500 - $9,100
London (United Kingdom) $6,600 - $9,000
Dublin (Ireland) $6,600 - $8,900
Singapore $6,500 - $8,900
United States Cost
San Francisco, California $3,229 - $4,072
New York, New York $4,167 - $5,296
Los Angeles, California $3,088 - $3,887
Chicago, Illinois $3,228 - $4,070
Austin, Texas $2,984 - $3,752
Boston, Massachusetts $4,182 - $5,313
Washington, DC $3,836 - $4,861
Seattle, Washington $3,382 - $4,270
San Diego, California $3,096 - $3,898
Miami, Florida $4,157 - $5,280

Denver Living Costs

One of the best thing about moving to Denver is the fact that costs of living are lower than in most of the other major US cities. The job market is growing and population with it so the living costs will probably get higher in the future. housing costs were already affected by the population growth but they are way cheaper than in NYC or LA. If moving to Denver is the next step you will probably need to get informed about the cost of basic and personal necessities in this city. For more information about living costs visit numbeo or expatistan.

How much are utilities in Denver

  • 85m2 Apartment Monthly Utilities, Basic (Electricity, Water, Cooling, Heating, Garbage):


  • 1 Min. Of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local (No Discounts or Plans):


  • Internet (60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/adsl):


  • Mortgage Interest Rate in Percentages (%), for 20 Years Fixed-rate, Yearly:


Denver VS US Average
Food Denver US Average
Meal in Inexpensive Restaurant $14 $14.50
Mcmeal at Mcdonalds (or Equivalent) $7.5 $7.00
Water (1.5 Liter Bottle) $1.92 $1.45
Milk (Regular), (1 gallon) $2.99 $3.11
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (1 lb) $2.86 $2.36
Eggs (Regular) (12) $2.86 $2.27
Chicken Breasts (1 lb) $3.51 $3.85
Potato (1 lb) $0.93 $1.1
Apples (1 lb) $2.14 $2.02
Local Cheese (1 lb) $5.06 $4.74
Child Care Denver US Average
Preschool (or Kindergarten), Monthly $1,084.17 $886.18
International Primary School, Yearly $16,787.20 $17,116.12
Self Care Denver US Average
Private Doctor Short Visit $167 $112
Box of Antibiotics $16 $17
Tube of Toothpaste $1.82 $1.78
Hair Shampoo 2-in-1 $5.66 $4.77
Deodorant, Roll-on $4.77 $3.39
Toilet Paper - 4 Rolls $3.8 $3.41
1 Box of 32 Tampons $9 $7
Transportation Denver US Average
Local Transport - One-way Ticket $3 $2.20
Local Transport - Monthly Pass $101 $70.00
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) $2.5 $3.25
Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff) $2.5 $1.71
Gasoline (1 gallon) $2.56 $2.77
Housing Denver US Average
Apartment (1 Bedroom) - City Centre $1,676.39 $1,291.27
Apartment (1 Bedroom) $1,275.36 $1,015.10
Buy Apartment in City Centre - Per Sq Ft $403.22 $239.62
Buy Apartment - Per Sq Ft $261.19 $173.92
Hourly Rate for Cleaning Help $23 $21
Leisure and Recreation Denver US Average
Fitness Club Monthly Fee, 1 Adult $42.11 $36.17
Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour) $8.3 $15.14
2 Movie Tickets $24 $25
2 Theater Tickets (Best Available Seats) $231 $171
Coke/pepsi (Small Bottle) $1.89 $1.80
Cappuccino (Regular) $4.31 $4.07
Domestic Beer (500ml) $5 $6.00
Bottle of Wine $12.5 $12.00
1 Cocktail Drink $11 $12.00
Marlboro Cigarettes 20 Pack $6.06 $7.25
Clothing Denver US Average
Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 or Similar) $43.88 $43.12
Summer Dress (Zara, H&m or Similar) $33.7 $34.67
Pair of Nike Running Shoes $76.93 $73.84
Pair of Men Leather Shoes $95.26 $94.36
Laundry Detergent (3 L.) $12 $11

Work and Salary

Average Yearly Salary in Denver is $61,293

Currently, most popular and best-paid jobs in Denver are:

  • Software Engineer - $79,257/yr
  • Project Manager - $74,418/yr
  • Operations Manager - $66,002/yr
  • Mechanical Engineer - $70,580/yr
  • Marketing Manager - $63,362/yr
  • Account Manager - $54,312/yr
  • Office Manager - $46,692/yr

All the information is provided by Glassdoor and Payscale where you can get more detailed information about the job of interest. If you don't have a specific job in mind, you can also check this list of 10 common jobs and professions in the United States with an average salary for each of them.

Job Denver US Average
Cashier $23,731/yr $22,711/yr
Receptionist $31,324/yr $29,844/yr
Repair Technician $34,535/yr $32,606/yr
Actor $39,464/yr $37,208/yr
Registered Nurse $63,888/yr $69,270/yr
Secretary $33,569/yr $31,279/yr
Preschool Teacher $29,167/yr $28,973/yr
High School Teacher $48,929/yr $51,027/yr
Lawyer $119,094/yr $141,470/yr
Truck Driver $60,000/yr $57,062/yr

Denver - Important Information

The City and County of Denver

Denver Seal

Officially the City and County of Denver is the capital and most populous municipality of the U.S. state of Colorado. Denver is named after James W. Denver, a governor of the Kansas Territory. It is nicknamed the Mile High City because its official elevation is exactly one mile (5280 feet or 1609.3 meters) above sea level. Denver is the 19th-most populous U.S. city, and the population is growing rapidly. In 2016, Denver was ranked as the best place to live in the United States by U.S. News & World Report.

  • Official City Website:

  • Official State Website:

  • Official Language:


  • Spoken Languages:

    Spanish, Russian, French, French, Chinese, German and other.

  • Area Code:

    303 and 720

  • Zip Codes:

    80201–80212, 80214–80239, 80241, 80243–80244, 80246–80252, 80256–80266, 80271, 80273–80274, 80279–80281, 80290–80291, 80293–80295, 80299, 80012, 80014, 80022, 80033, 80123, 80127

  • 154.97 sq mi (401.36 km2):

    Land: 153.33 sq mi (397.13 km2)

    Water: 1.63 sq mi (4.23 km2)

Denver Population:

  • According to the last census (2010): 600,158
  • According to the latest estimate (2018): 716,492
Denver Demographics by Race
White 521,481 76.86%
Asian 24,433 3.60%
Other Race 37,216 5.49%
Black or African American 64,466 9.50%
Two or More Races 23,341 3.44%
Native American 6,537 0.96%
Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander 993 0.15%

Taxes in Denver

Single Filing Status, Average Denver Salary ($61,293) Taxes:

  • Income Tax: - $14,311
  • Sales Tax: - $1,316
  • Fuel Tax: - $165
  • Property Tax$: - $1,603
  • Total Estimated: - $17,393

Percent of income to taxes = 31%.

For more personal information calculate your taxes with smartasset.

Denver - Average Yearly Temperature

  • Days of sunshine: 300
  • Average Rainfall: 360 mm
  • Annual high temperature: 18.3°C
  • Annual low temperature: 2.4°C
  • Average temperature: 10.35°C

Denver - Crime rate

Despite has a reputation of beeing safe place to live in. This does not mean that the crime problem doesn't exist. However, compared with other U.S. metro areas of its size, Denver's crime rates are relatively low. Denver crime index by numbeo is 40.61 (moderate).

  • Level of crime: - 45.00 (moderate)
  • Property crime index: - 49.12 (moderate)
  • Violent crime index: - 40.17 (moderate)
  • Corruption and bribery: - 34.87 (Low)

Flight Costs from Denver

List of flight costs, from Denver to other major cities. Based on the cheapest flights from skyscanner, booked one month ahead.

  • Vancouver (Canada): $131 (1 stop)
  • Sydney (Australia): $725 (1 stop)
  • Auckland (New Zealand): $853 (2 stops)
  • Beijing (China): $367 (1 stop)
  • Tokyo (Japan): $669 (1 stop)
  • Dubai (United Arab Emirates): $390 (3 stops)
  • Mexico City (Mexico): $170 (direct)
  • London (United Kingdom): $312 (1 stop)
  • Dublin (Ireland): $327 (2 stops)
  • Singapore: $518 (2 stops)

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